If you have a Lincoln SA-200 with a gas F-162/163 or SA250 Perkins diesel driven welder. There now is an alternative to these engines; we now offer a conversion motor. This motor is the Yanmar 4TNE88 diesel engine. After a number of successful installations of this engine, it has proven that this engine can do the job and is very fuel efficient in this particular application. The gas drive motors use approximately 10-12 gallons of fuel in an 8-10 hour day. The Yanmar uses approximately 2 gallons of fuel.

    A quick calculation will show that in a year or two the fuel savings alone will pay for your conversion. If you feel that your machine is in good enough shape, then we invite you to E-Mail Us to see if this conversion is something you would want on your machine. This engine will also replace a number of other engines used in Lincoln machines.
  • Diesel-driven: Yanmar powered
  • Completely Re-built.
  • DC-200 Amp (60% duty cycle)
  • All-Copper DC welding generator & exciter auxiliary end
  • Control: Full DC control over the total amperage range
  • Remote control
  • Standard Radiator & Shroud
  • Standard fuel tank
  • Engine protection system built-in
  • FRAME LENGTH: 55 3/8"
  • OVERALL LENGTH: 64 7/8"
  • WIDTH: 20 5/8"
  • HEIGHT: 39 1/2"
  • WEIGHT: 1550 lbs. (Approximation)
  • Machine come with stainless top only

PRICE: For Details, please E-Mail Us

S P E C I A L   O R D E R   W E L D E R S   &   P A R T S
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